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Privacy Policy

Effective: June 1st, 2015; Changed: June 5th, 2015

By accessing (“Pegwar” or “website”) and using the services provided by Pegwar LLC, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to 1) this privacy policy and 2) to our Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not use Pegwar. For any questions, email

We may alter this document from time to time and your continued use of the website following such change shall constitute your acceptance of the new terms. It is your responsibility to periodically check for changes to this document. If you do not agree to any changes then you must stop using the website immediately.

About Pegwar

Pegwar is a social polling application comprised of user generated content that allows people to 1) create polls on any topic, 2) take polls of their interest, 3) view demographically driven poll results, and 4) join the discussion by commenting on and tagging polls. Additionally, Pegwar allows all users to promote polls in order to increase user engagement and purchase de-identified poll data for research and marketing purposes.

Pegwar is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Collecting data and aggregating results is at the core of our business; therefore, we are careful in how that information is collected and shared. All of the information we collect is to help better provide interesting and useful poll results for our users.

Description of Content and Data

“Content” refers to, but is not limited to, polls, titles, links, options, images, uploads, tags, votes, results, and comments, in addition to any text, images, files, or actions transmitted to Pegwar. “User content” pertains to user information which is publically available to other users, including names, links, profile pictures, and friends lists. “Data” includes all information created or stored on our servers including personal information that allows Pegwar to function and deliver a rich experience to users; this includes: user ids, unique ids, sessions, tokens, email addresses, birthdays, genders, locations, coordinates, timezones, ip addresses, timestamps, customer ids, purchase information, and credit card metadata. For more information about the the terms governing content and data stored on Pegwar, refer to our Terms of Use.

What we Collect

In order to access most areas of the website, you are required to register for an account using Facebook Log in. By registering you agree to provide us with the following information via Facebook: name, birthday, gender, location, and profile picture. Optional, but encouraged, information includes: email address, likes, activities, interests, and a list of friends also using Pegwar. We only collect personal information that you give permissions for; however, you may not be able to fully participate in voting and other Pegwar functionality if you decline certain permissions. The personal information that we collect may change over time.

As you vote for polls on Pegwar, we store your answer so that we can display aggregate summary statistics based on overall respondents age, gender, and location. Note, we will never provide anyone with the combination of your specific answer and your personably identifiable information. We will also never automatically share that you voted on a specific poll; you may, however, share the poll with others using the Facebook Like/Share Button or by sharing the url. We also store users that you are friends with, the polls that you created, the polls you skipped, the total number of votes on polls, and the total number of votes on your polls.

Finally, if you purchase products or services on Pegwar, then we collect information via the Stripe Checkout payment flow which includes your email, credit card number, expiration date, cvc/cvv number, and zip code. Pegwar does not store any credit card numbers and maintains PCI compliance by using Stripe.

Cookie Policy

Like most interactive websites, Pegwar uses cookies throughout the website to enable the functionality and ease of use. Pegwar never saves personal information in cookies, only randomly generated session tokens that allow us to to retrieve user details for each visit. Some of our third-party affiliates and API partners may also use cookies for tracking and authentication including, but not limited to, Facebook, Google, and Stripe.

Logs and Analytics

Pegwar stores anonymous data in order to secure your session and log traffic, including session ids, tokens, ip addresses, user agents, http methods, query string, referrers, and timestamps. Pegwar also uses Google Analytics with Advertising Features to anonymously track user’s activity on the website in order to identify business, technological, and marketing improvements. Google may combine website activity with your age, gender, and interest data in order to provide aggregate and anonymous summary reports. You can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads Settings.

How we Protect Data

All data is transferred to and from Pegwar through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) using the HTTPS protocol. Pegwar does not store any passwords or credit card numbers. All data is stored in firewall protected servers which contain secure databases and file systems. We do our best to maintain the security of this information but we cannot 100% guarantee freedom from piracy or cyber attacks.

How we Use Data

We are passionate about creating engaging polls and providing interesting and useful poll results for our users. We use personal information that we collect, such as age, gender, and location, to generate demographically driven aggregate poll results. Additionally we collect your likes, activities, interests, and a list of friends also using Pegwar in order to personalize your experience and select polls that are most relevant to you. We will only use your email address to communicate notifications such as purchases, refunds, verifying email addresses, direct communication about violation of terms, and changes to your account such as suspension or reinstatement. We don’t email promotions, newsletters, or offers to our users or ever share your email address.

Information we Share

All polls created on pegwar will be available to the general public, the display of which includes the poll title, full name of the creator, when the poll was created, how many votes the poll has received, poll options, and option images. Profiles are hidden from the public. All registered users of Pegwar have access to other users’ profiles, the display of which includes: the user’s full name, profile picture, the total number of votes on polls, a list of polls created, and a list of the user's friends. Registered users also have access to aggregate poll results, tags, and poll comments once they themselves have voted on the poll.

We will never sell, transfer, or otherwise disclose your personally identifiable information including your name, user id, email addresses, birthdate, ip addresses, or any data that could reasonably identify you. Pegwar captures and provides real user opinions on a wide variety of topics, resulting in a rich set of data for users, researchers, and marketers. Pegwar enables users to develop deep insights by purchasing de-identified line-item data, which includes the option selected, date voted on, age, gender, city, and timezone; for example: “on August 27th, a 25 year old female in Chicago voted for ‘Cheese’ on the poll ‘Your Favorite Thing.’” By using Pegwar you agree to share your de-identified data with other users for research and marketing purposes. Pegwar uses irreversible anonymization of data, a process used to prevent a person’s identity from being connected with information. Additionally, we only allow polls that have reached a minimum threshold of votes in order to increase the entropy of the data and further minimize any chance for identification. In rare circumstances, it may be possible for someone to identify you based on your age, gender, and city. Do not participate in Pegwar if you fear being identified based on your demographic information.

Viewing and Changing your Data

Most user data on Pegwar is linked to Facebook profile data; therefore, any changes, corrections, amendments to your personal information can be made on Facebook and they will be propagated to Pegwar using real-time updates. Your email address can be changed on the Pegwar Account page. You may deactivate your Pegwar account and remove your personal data from view at any time by emailing us at

Data Transfer

In the case Pegwar is involved in a merger, acquisition, or asset sale, your information shall be considered a transferable asset. In this event, we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of any personal information and give affected users notice before their data is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

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